[ardour-dev] Patch to correct a jack client disconnect/reconnect issue

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Mon Jan 1 03:45:11 PST 2007

Hi All,

First Happy New Year 2007 to all Ardour developers !

Here is a patch correct a jack client disconnect/reconnect issue.  
When the jack server quits while Ardour is running, the jack shutdown  
callback is called. The _jack field is set to 0. When later on Ardour  
is reconnected to a running jack server, the old jack client  
structure is never correctly released. This cause jackdmp server to  
fail reconnecting Ardour (jackdmp is more sensitive in this area  
compared to jackd)

The proposed patch avoid to clear the _jack field to zero in jack  
shutdown callback so that later on, the disconnect_from_jack/ 
reconnect_to_jack sequence correctly release the old jack client  
before allocating a new one.


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