[Ardour-Dev] Norwegian Nynorsk translation

Eivind meinmycell-lists at yahoo.no
Fri Dec 14 04:21:28 PST 2007


First, thank you for an excellent product. Ardour is
the next-best thing to a Studer 2" analogue machine
with a Neve mixing desk and tons of outboard gear :-)

I enjoy the program, and I'd like to contribute by
translating Ardour into Norwegian Nynorsk. Language
code nn or nn_NO. Language name in its own term:

If qualifications matter: I am a hobby musician,
linguist and sound engineer, I have some education in
both the source and target language, and I have done
some translation on launchpad.net. I have yet to
become proficient in svn/poedit, but should manage
given a little time and help. Tell me what to do :-)

Best regards,

Eivind Ødegård,

Alt i ett. Få Yahoo! Mail med adressekartotek, kalender og
notisblokk. http://no.mail.yahoo.com

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