[ardour-dev] Control related problem - Ardour 2 RC 1

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Thu Apr 12 09:13:27 PDT 2007

Hey there!

Thanks for fixing the stuborn midi controller code that fought me and a 
few other generic midi controller users...  Wonderfull to be in control 

I started playing straight away, and alas... seems I found another 
gremlin in the works.

(Sorry Paul - I know you said no more bug reports until 2.0!)

When I do a automation recording run (with the faders in "Write") the 
systems behaves well, and records my every movement faithfully. 
When I play the automation back however, ardour-log spews a few 
messages, (something about not being able to send quarter-frame MTC) and 
then the app dies.
I'd like to send an error log, but cannot seem to find it.  I have a 
normal scons install on my AMD-64 etch based debian system.


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