[ardour-dev] about ardevst

Olivier Doaré nolv at free.fr
Fri Oct 13 13:21:19 PDT 2006


In recent SVN :

* "../gtk2_ardour/icons" should be added to ARDOUR_PATH in the ardevst 
script. It doesn't run without it.

* I can get ardour2 crashing each time I use a drop down list in VST 
plugs (eg. LFX310 , Electri-Q - posihfopit edition , and maybe 
others...). I know VST is not a priority and maybe it is more a wine bug 
than a FST bug, but, if something can be done to let the marvelous 
Electri-Q working...

* Regarding VST's, ardour2 seems very, very stable with many other VST 
plugs. Thanks and congratulations!

* Embed/Import audio seems to be not working at all

* Same as ctrl-middle mouse to link controls to midi CCs

Appart that, i did not find any problem during the short time i tested 
it. Ardour is more beautiful than ever.

PS : I managed to record a midi track with the experimental ardour2-midi 
SVN branch... not very easy but it worked! I hope to see it in the 
official version soon...

Best wishes,

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