[ardour-dev] Ardour/GTK 2.0beta5.1 issues.

philicorda philicorda at ntlworld.com
Fri Oct 13 13:06:07 PDT 2006

svn revision 985
Couple of little bugs...

Ardour segfaults when I reverse an audio clip.
(Using the right click menu reverse on an audio clip in the editor

Automation does not seem to be working.

(No automation is written when 'write' mode is selected
in the mixer and the fader is moved while the track is playing.
Also, no automation data lines appear in the track's automation track in
the editor window.
No fader movements when the track is played back and automation is set
to 'play'.)

Crossfades sometimes are wrong after reloading a song.
(If you do a large amount of small crossfades and then reload the song,
they sometimes disappear, or there is just one long crossfade that goes
on infinitely long after the end of the song.)

And congrats to Paul and all who work on Ardour over the SSL deal!

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