[ardour-dev] dev-libs/boost

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Wed Oct 11 00:30:19 PDT 2006

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Hi,
>    Just reporting back that Ardour2-beta5.1 built find and is running
> here on my AMD64 box. Very few comments about any operation aspects at
> this time:
> 1) Ardour2 was unable to start Jack on it's own with whatever
> preexisting config files I had around. When I fired up QJC then Ardour
> came up.
It worked out-of-the-box on my system, but it had not run ardour/jackd 
before on this installation...
> 2) As happens with a few other programs Ardour2 wanted access to my
> Gnome 'keyring' which required a password. I supplied the password and
> moved forward.
> 3) Might be a first time run issue but it seemed to take quite awhile
> for the GUI to actually come up. When it did I thought it looked
> *VERY* good. Everything seemed very crisp.
Indeed! But I managed to crash it twice already the first day I tested it...

1. In the first open/create session dialog I typed 'test' as session 
name and ardour just exits. When opening ardour from the cli, it 
complained that it couldn't create the dir because it already existed...

2. Enable jack transport, create a loop and play that loop... Ardour 
crashes after 0-5 secs... This is a very old bug which is also present 
on Mantis for a while...
>    I'm not intending to do much with it right now as I have no time or
> even instruments to record. None the less it is a beautiful piece of
> work. Cangrats to all of you!
Me neither... As long as I can't get jack transport working or Ardour 
ships with native Midi tracks, I can't completely loose Windows/Cubase.

Ardour is underway to become a very important DAW, especially with all 
the support it gets lately from the big names! I would love Ardour to 
become somewhat more stable and full support for Midi so that I (and 
probably a vast amount of peers) can use it on a daily basis...

Keep up the good work!



> Cheers,
> Mark

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