[ardour-dev] Found a Biggie.

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Mon Nov 13 23:59:22 PST 2006

Hi Llew!

Quoting Geoff Beasley <songshop at bizmedia.com.au>:

> I was cutting together a vocal track today, removing breaths, etc. While
> doing 
> this I was putting fade ins and outs and one time when extending the fade
> out 
> I was unable to see the fade out, so I assumed that the curve was set to
> the "fastest" curve and was virtually invisible so I then changed the
> curve 
> to linear and re-made the fade out, this time the triangle for the fade
> out 
> was upside down so it looked like a volume swell at the end of the
> region. 
> Then ardour2 crashed.

Yikes. This really needs sorting out. Can you cook up a recipe for us on how
to duplicate this? What you wrote there sounds like a good start, but I'm
interested whether you can duplicate this issue in a new session with only a
handful (=minimum) amount of regions.

> When I restarted ardour2, I loaded up the project and all my edits were
> gone, 
> obviously I didn't save but shouldn't the crash handler have done
> something?

We (should) have an autosave timer in Ardour, but obviously either it
doesn't work, or Ardour didn't load the autosaved version. This has to be
looked at.

> Then I started editing again in the same manner except from the other end
> this 
> time and it happened within the first 5 minutes of editing this time and
> the 
> same result, ardour crashed. However this time I saved after every edit
> but 
> now all my fade ins and outs are gone and I can't edit them anymore it
> does 
> the "invisible" fade and then dies.

What information does the popup region editor show you about the fades? Can
you enable them from the editor and thus continue with the session?


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