[ardour-dev] Can't compile 0.99.1 or 0.99.2

Emre Meydan emremeydan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 13:12:00 PST 2006

Well, i decided to do it "the right way" :) So i removed/uninstalled
all my music software (jack, qjackctl, ardour, hydrogen) to start
fresh. Then i first compiled jack (0.100), and installed
libjack/libjack-dev. After that i compiled qjackctl (0.2.20), and then
ardour 0.99.2. Everything seemed to compile/install fine. However,
when i try to run qjackctl, i receive an error message which complains
about qjackctl not being able to connect to Jack server as a client. I
didn't have this problem before. Does anybody have any idea what might
have gone wrong?


> I'm glad that it works for you. However, the way you did it was a bit
> strange and might cause you issues in the future.
> I suggest you try removing all the copies you made of libjack. Then make
> sure you have jackd, libjack and the development package for libjack
> installed (it's probably called something like libjack-0.100.0-1.dev). Then
> recompile ardour.
> This is the "right way to do it" (tm) and it will save you from troubles
> when you install a newer version of jackd from the Ubuntu repository.
>   Sampo

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