[ardour-dev] Port Registration Bug

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 15:02:45 PST 2006

Ok I could use a bit of help on this one, especially since I really need 
to get these voice overs done in the next day or two and cant access 
them at the moment.

I recorded some voice work on an iMac G5, Ardour ran beautifully.  On 
the same machine I also recorded some sound effects and have had no 
problem with that session.  Nothing in the setup to my knowledge has 
changed, same interface, still running Jack, etc.  Newest version of .99 
of ardour that is out I believe.  However when I go to reopen the Voice 
Over session, it fails to load, launching from the terminal reveals that 
it attempts to load the session, and then followed with the error:

cannot deliver port registration request

Now nothing to my knowledge has changed in my setup, or in the naming of 
the ports on Jack, but even so I have had this problem pop up between 
different computers when transferring sessions(My powerbook and iMac, 
both running OS X, ver 10.3 and 10.4 respectively, haven't tried with my 
Gentoo Box I normally use) however this is reopening the session on the 
same machine it was recorded on.  Plus I owuld think it would be better 
if a port cant be regristered with Jack, that it may give the option of 
assigning it by hand, like it does when it cant connect the Auditioner 
port(Which is another bug I will get into at another time).

So any suggestions?  And enjoy the bug report;)  Ill start on 2.0alpha2 
when I get the dmg;) with those reports/suggestions.


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