[ardour-dev] Can't compile 0.99.1 or 0.99.2

Emre Meydan emremeydan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 15:23:17 PST 2006

Nevermind, i figured it out.

Found out that libjack is already installed together with jack. It's
just that the library files weren't in the correct directories. The
error was about not being able to locate "libjack.0.so", so i found 3
files with similar names in one of the lib directories (in /usr), and
copied them to all the other "lib" and "libjack" directories i could
find under /usr  -- just to make sure it works ;) --  and the problem
is solved, ardour 0.99.2 now works!

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help, Sampo.


On 3/10/06, Emre Meydan <emremeydan at gmail.com> wrote:
> You guessed it right! I hadn't removed the old version thinking that
> the new one would somehow "take over" :) Once the old version was
> removed, i was able to install ardour, thanks.
> However, i now have another problem. I'm on Ubuntu, and when i removed
> the old version of jackd from Synaptic, libjack was also removed. So
> now when i try to run ardour (or qjackctl), it says that it can't find
> libjack. I can't re-install libjack from Synaptic, as when i select
> it, the old version of Jackd is automatically selected as well. I
> looked at the official Jackd sourceforge page hoping to find libjack
> (in order to install it manually), but i couldn't find it there. Where
> can i get it?
> ...
> emre
> > The build error you get is from two missing functions in jackd which are
> > quite a "recent" addition. Recent in jackd terms means that nothing much
> > has happened since that change. The change is maybe a year or so old.
> >
> > You should really check your jackd install. Things which generally go
> > wrong are:
> >
> >  - you've built jackd yourself, but later replaced it with just the
> >    binary package from your distro (without the development package).
> >  - your system has multiple versions of jackd installed, one in /usr
> >    and another one in /usr/local
> >
> >
> >  Good luck,
> >   Sampo

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