[ardour-dev] Can't compile 0.99.1 or 0.99.2

Emre Meydan emremeydan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 14:37:07 PST 2006

You guessed it right! I hadn't removed the old version thinking that
the new one would somehow "take over" :) Once the old version was
removed, i was able to install ardour, thanks.

However, i now have another problem. I'm on Ubuntu, and when i removed
the old version of jackd from Synaptic, libjack was also removed. So
now when i try to run ardour (or qjackctl), it says that it can't find
libjack. I can't re-install libjack from Synaptic, as when i select
it, the old version of Jackd is automatically selected as well. I
looked at the official Jackd sourceforge page hoping to find libjack
(in order to install it manually), but i couldn't find it there. Where
can i get it?


> The build error you get is from two missing functions in jackd which are
> quite a "recent" addition. Recent in jackd terms means that nothing much
> has happened since that change. The change is maybe a year or so old.
> You should really check your jackd install. Things which generally go
> wrong are:
>  - you've built jackd yourself, but later replaced it with just the
>    binary package from your distro (without the development package).
>  - your system has multiple versions of jackd installed, one in /usr
>    and another one in /usr/local
>  Good luck,
>   Sampo

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