[ardour-dev] Broadcast wav corruptions?

Polashek, Matthew matthew_polashek at mcgraw-hill.com
Mon Mar 6 09:45:28 PST 2006

Ok, so over the weekend I recorded a gig (16 channels in OSX) in the
broadcast wav format.  I transferred the files from my mac to his
windows machine and he was unable to open them up in Cubase SX1 for XP.
(Sorry for those on the users list)  


Now, this guy is game, so he just installed FC3 and the CCRMA at home
system in a partition.  He subsequently attempted to open the files in
ardour and was unable to.  Do these files get corrupted on NTFS?  Should
they have a different extension?  Any thoughts?


Matthew Polashek

Project Editor - Editorial Services Group


Two Penn Plaza

New York, NY 10121



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