[ardour-dev] MultiTrack recording

Chris Goddard chris at oofus.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 5 15:27:03 PST 2006

Hi All

I hope this is the right place for this message. If not please advise.

I'm currently working for a mobile recording company. We are planning a new 
truck and have got to the 'what do we record onto' question. On our other 
trucks, and our de-rig (anything you carry into a venue, record, and carry 
out again !) systems we have predominantly used Pyramix as it has proved very 
robust for recording up to 64 tracks for extended periods of time. This new 
truck is to be a more budget conscious build so we are looking at ways of 
saving costs, Pyramix can prove rather pricey !

I have been following Ardour for quite some time and like very much the 
direction it is taking. With this in mind I am quite keen to put together a 
test system that uses Ardour as a multitrack recorder. The plan would be a 
capable PC with an RME MADI card (or two if possible).

Priorities for any multitrack software for us would be stability and track 
count. After that..........portability of the audio files.........Editing is 
not a priority at all, just recording.

My question I suppose is; is Ardour the right choice for this, could it cope, 
is anybody already asking this much of it, am I barking up the wrong tree ?

If we did decide to build this test machine, we would run it for several 
months as a third record machine on the truck to prove its abilities. We have 
several festivals to record here in the UK this summer and we would be 
looking for it to cope with these.

I'm personally quite excited about the prospect, I've been advocating Open 
Source software for years and it would be great to introduce it into the 
industry I work in.

Thanks for listening.



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