[ardour-dev] 0.99: reporting lack of jack ports

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 3 09:41:40 PST 2006

Hi all, just a tiny error reporting suggestion.

Ardour (0.99) does not currently report something intelligible when
trying to load a session on a machine that does not enough free jack
ports[*]. The error panel just says that the session could not be loaded
and that's that. 

If you start Ardour from a terminal you get a message (probably printed
to stderr) that it could not subscribe to a port - or something to that
effect, sorry I did not write it down. 

Starting Jack with more ports solves the problem, but Ardour should warn
the user about what really happened in the error panel and perhaps
suggest how to solve the problem ("start jack with more i/o ports").

-- Fernando

[*] this happened here at CCRMA where one of our users was trying to
load a session that worked in other machines, but failed to load in the
one that's in our main studio. After puzzling over it for a while I
realized that the difference was probably the audio card (delta66 vs.
rme digiface). The session had a lot of tracks...

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