[ardour-dev] ShuttlePro2 surface?

Boinge ll-ardour at yellowchicken.com
Fri Jun 30 17:56:18 PDT 2006

Hi there... hopefully this is the right place for this.

I posted this (http://www.ardour.org/node/277)  to the ardour forum and 
was told this was a more appropriate forum.

Does anyone have any thoughts or guidance?  I also received a couple of 
'sample' files from the guys that make the ShuttlePro2 which is a more 
details 'driver' for the thing for linux (apparently submitted to them by 
another user).   I'd be happy to share this (it looks like better code 
from my perspective).

If anyone can give me a push in the right direction that would be really 
appreciated.  I think the ShuttlePro2 would be a great addition as it's 
got lot's of buttons, a jog and spin wheel and is fairly inexpensive. 
I've used it for a long time on my Mac but I've succesfully switched to 
Linux (with Ardour2!) in one studio completely.  It would just be really 
nice to use the device.

Any guidance would be well appreciated.  I'm comfortable hacking around in 
code but really don't know where to start with this surface writing stuff. 



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