[ardour-dev] MAJOR commit to ardour2.0

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sat Jun 17 01:04:30 PDT 2006

Paul Davis wrote:
> The trunk of the ardour2.0 repository has just received a major change
> that switches all audio file I/O to use libsndfile (currently a private
> copy of the library is used). There is a chance for some breakage of
> existing sessions so please be prudent and cautious about using this new
> version until we start to get confident that it works. On the other
> hand, please test it out and see if does work!

just to let you know, i took the plunge and update to latest SVN, and 
all of my current projects load fine. i've saved them all and loaded 
them again, and no problem with playback, loading of sessions, 
recording, or anything i can notice.


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