[ardour-dev] Some summers are better than others?

Matt Walker ard.walker at divasive.com
Sun Jan 15 10:44:48 PST 2006

Now that the ardour2 storm has died down a bit, I thought I'd throw this 

I was surfing for converter shoot-out type articles, and found this:


To summarize (no pun intended), Kip McGinnis of Bardstown Audio is a dealer 
for and has tried out all of the coolest toys while producing high end sample 
collections of acoustic instruments. One thing in particular that caught my 
eye is his claim that the Magix (Samplitude and Sequoia) buss summing sounds 
considerably better than PT, and blows most everyone else away. Sadly, Ardour 
wasn't included in his survey. 

My background gives me just enough DSP knowledge to be dangerous, so I'm 
wondering what's going on here. Has anyone heard of this? Are there many 
algorithms that can be tweeked in different ways? Are these Magix guys 
geniuses? Or is this like Duracell Vs. Energizer in Eric Johnson's guitar 

Any opinions?

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