[ardour-dev] ultra-preliminary alpha ardour2 tarball release available

Chris Ross chris at tebibyte.org
Thu Jan 12 08:43:08 PST 2006

Paul Davis escreveu:
> On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 15:23 +0000, Chris Ross wrote:
>>Well, Ardour 1 doesn't segfault if JACK isn't running. That's different.
> Ardour2 doesn't do that here, so it is a useful data point.

Perhaps it could be because someone else was already logged in on the 
console, as that means I don't get permissions to the audio hardware 
(SuSE, at least, works that way). Perhaps Ardour 1 would fall over in 
that situation?

> Sorry if I was rude.

No offence taken.

Chris R.

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