[ardour-dev] new feature: export all ranges

Andre Raue dawng at raue.info
Thu Jan 5 02:20:51 PST 2006

Andre Raue wrote:
> Paul Davis wrote:
>>could we get you to checkout ardour2 via the CVS snapshot and try to
>>integrate what you've done into that version?
> Yes, I'll try that using the current tarball. I'll keep you informed 
> about the progress. Work will proceed in two steps:
> a) Introduce the flag IsRange.

I'm currently searching for areas in the sources where Location objects 
are created. Among others I found the method 
"Editor::add_location_from_selection()" but I didn't find any place 
where it gets called.

Please, can anybody tell me what it is expected to do? Should it create 
a range? Is it superfluous?



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