[ardour-dev] File Size Limit

Iain Kennedy iain at psand.net
Mon Feb 27 14:47:55 PST 2006


I recently recorded a live event. After about 2 hours 40 mins, the (single 
stereo track at 48000) recording stopped as I'd reached the linux file size 

I immediately saved the session. When I load up the session, it fails to 
load the left and right track WAV files with the following errors:

[ERROR]: FileSource: cannot seek to end of file
[ERROR]: FileSource: cannot locate chunks in /home/.../Audio 1-1%L.wav
[ERROR]: SndFileSource: cannot open file "Audio 1-1%L.wav" (System Error)
[ERROR]: Found a sound file that cannot be used by Ardour. See the 
[ERROR]: Session: cannot create Source from XML description.
[ERROR]: Above repeated for R channel

Ideally, I'd like to crop the audio files to just short of the file size 
limit and then master the session down. Is there anything I should bear in 
mind when doing this (like also cropping portions of the peak files, 
altering any session configuration data), as I don't want to lose the 2.5 
hours that I did record.

I have a tar ball of the original session, so I'm not quite as worried as 
I was!


On Mon, 27 Feb 2006, Paul Davis wrote:

> On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 21:21 +0100, Axel Müller wrote:
>> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:53:15 +0100 Axel Müller wrote:
>>> I did not do any tests yet and don't know if this is related, but I
>>> noticed one thing: The latency shown in the statusbar of ardour is only
>>> half of that shown in the configuration dialoge of qjackctl.
>>> Gentoo
>>> Ardour: 0.99.2 (the corrected tarball) with ardour/gtk 1.3.0 and
>>> libardour 0.906.1)
>>> qjackctl: 0.2.17
>>> jackd: 0.99.0
>> I have now upgraded both, jackd (0.99.0 -> 0.100.7) and qjackctl (0.2.17
>> -> 0.2.19a) and I also recompiled ardour afterwards, but it did not change
>> the differing indications of latency. Playing with the settings in
>> qjackctl a bit, it seems as if ardour does not pay attention to the
>> "Periods/Buffer" setting and always shows a latency as if the number of
>> periods is set to 1 (which is not allowed BTW).
> it all depends on the definition of latency. there is no simple, single
> way to define it.
> ardour is using the definition closest to the way the term is used in
> the win/osx world.
> --p
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