[ardour-dev] Recording Alingment Issue?

Axel Müller axel at hab-verschlafen.de
Mon Feb 27 12:21:35 PST 2006

On Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:53:15 +0100 Axel Müller wrote:

> I did not do any tests yet and don't know if this is related, but I
> noticed one thing: The latency shown in the statusbar of ardour is only
> half of that shown in the configuration dialoge of qjackctl.
> Gentoo
> Ardour: 0.99.2 (the corrected tarball) with ardour/gtk 1.3.0 and
> libardour 0.906.1)
> qjackctl: 0.2.17
> jackd: 0.99.0

I have now upgraded both, jackd (0.99.0 -> 0.100.7) and qjackctl (0.2.17
-> 0.2.19a) and I also recompiled ardour afterwards, but it did not change
the differing indications of latency. Playing with the settings in
qjackctl a bit, it seems as if ardour does not pay attention to the
"Periods/Buffer" setting and always shows a latency as if the number of
periods is set to 1 (which is not allowed BTW).

Axel Müller.

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