[ardour-dev] MTC-master solved with current kernels?

Axel Müller axel at hab-verschlafen.de
Fri Feb 24 10:34:43 PST 2006

Hi everyone. :)

I was wondering if the problems with using ardour as MTC-master are
resolved with current kernels. I have not been using ardour for some time
but after I noticed some new "interesting" options in my current kernel I
gave ardour a new try running as master (using some old recorded
material). My mixer now seems to follow the timecode properly and I don't
get any errors anymore.

As there are no news in the relating bugreport (0000117) are there any new
experiences and opinions?

Gentoo with kernel 2.6.15-gentoo-r1 configured with:

Using MIDI I/O of my RME HDSP 9652
Mixer: Soundtracs Virtua

note: MMC works great. :)

Axel Müller

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