[ardour-dev] REX2 or ACIDized wavs for ardour

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.es
Tue Feb 14 12:49:10 PST 2006

En/na Paul Davis ha escrit:
> On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 10:44 -0600, Matt Walker wrote:
>>Has anyone thought about / looked into enabling Ardour for acidized wavs or 
>>rex2 format? I'm not trying to turn Ardour into Fruity Loops, but the 
>>Drums-on-Demand stuff ( http://www.drumsondemand.com ) sounds and feels 
>>really nice, and these formats allow you to notch the tempo up or down a bit. 
>>Recently Propellerhead "opened" their rex2 file format to 3rd party 
>>developers, but they still don't seem to hip to open source.
>>Where I can avoid re-inventing the wheel, I'd be interested in researching / 
>>coding something like this if it could be shoe-horned into the gpl and 
>>Ardour's object model.
> there are two aspects to this:
> a) reading these file formats
>    This should really be added to libsndfile, so that everyone can use
> it
> b) timefx stuff
>    This is hard to do properly with libsoundtouch. but not impossible.
> there may be some stuff about the internals of these formats that
> addresses (b) - if so, i am not aware of it yet.
> --p

For what I understand from its usage (I haven't read the specs),
I think its a quite different approach from a normal (sndfile) 
audio file formats.
My guess is that it is basically a bunch of audio slices
attached to tempo positions. Thus, similar to a hydrogen pattern
file plus an hydrogen drumkit file. And no timestretch at all.

BTW, I think I'd also like ardour to support this kind of


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