[ardour-dev] problems with SSE code for x86_64

Mike Taht mike.taht at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 13:43:10 PST 2006

Let me add my voice to those favoring dual licensing ardour.

It's being able to have the source and fix the bugs myself and not
have to go through a technical support line (to be ignored) that makes
ardour such a wonderful beast compared to every other audio product
out there. It's also, not having to pay for an upgrade cycle, every
year, in the hope that this time the product will be reliable. (hear
me, cakewalk? I hope you're trembling in fear...)

It's wanting to see ardour embedded into a dedicated DAW and a piano -
being something better than an Oasys...

It's trying to convince companies that make great plugins to make
their available for Linux, and failing, because of GPL issues. I tried
hard earlier in the year, to convince antares (who are local to me) to
port... No dice.

It's that ardour (and friends) already work better on more hardware
(x86,x86_64,ppc) than any other product - and I love to be able to
record on my x86_64 box, edit on my gf's mac, and do mix-downs on my
dual processor...

It's going to a store and finding all these wonderful-looking plugins,
not one that works on my system.

Audio is a small market for any developer, and a bear to make a living
in, even commercially.

It's knowing that 99.9% of all musicians have no coding skills worth
speaking of, and fewer still with money and/or spare time.

By all means, go fer it paul. Get it out there. World domination is
only a year or two away.

PS, if anyone wants to work on jackdmp some, I have 4 opterion 800
series processors just sitting on a shelf, waiting to be donated to
someone serious that wants to build a quad processor box and play with

On 2/8/06, Benoit St-Andre <ben at benoitst-andre.net> wrote:
> Le Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 07:41:07AM +0000, Geoff Beasley a écrit:
> > I just have to say that Paul Davis has no need to defend his position
> whatever
> > it is, and whatever it will be.
> >
> > I'm priveliged to be allowed to use such a piece of quality engineering as
> > Ardour. We all are.
> >
> > And knowing it's true value, will never use anything else.
> >
> > Notice I use the word value ?
> >
> > BTW when you find an open source food supplier and shelter provider let me
> > know .. ...
> >
> > Hey, wonder if Shell is thinking of going open-source anytime soon  ??
> >
> > :)
> >
> This is really getting offtopic.
> I suppose that's why the smiley is there, otherwise, I would think this is
> a pretty neat flamebait.
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