[ardour-dev] 64 bit users, please test the latest ardour1 CVS

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Sat Feb 4 03:43:21 PST 2006


On debian you can install all compile dependancies with the command

apt-get build-dep [package]

(as root, or use sudo)

The package name for ardour depends on your distro. The package name is
probably either "ardour" or "arodur-gtk".

There has been some cases where the build dependancies aren't correct in
the package. If I remember correctly, at least the ubuntu package
doesn't report all of the required dependancies.

Packages that you need are at least:


(this is not a definitive list, as i can't test it)

And of course, you need the source code:


On Sat, 2006-02-04 at 02:47 -0800, Solv (sent by Nabble.com) wrote:
> I have a 64 studio install, and I'd love to build the latest and test
> it, however it seems the repositories that are setup already don't
> have the required devel packages to build from source.  Do you have
> any idea what 64bit debian repositories might have them? Currently I
> am able to get onto amd64.debian.net (testing) and the
> packages.64studio.com (main).  If I can solve this then all I have to
> do is learn how to use scons and I'll do some testing for ya! 
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