[ardour-dev] Sound card options

SAKURA sakura at s88003245.onlinehome.us
Tue Aug 15 23:23:03 PDT 2006

Wow, I totally forgot about outboard AD/DA converters! A few of those 
coupled with the HDSP via ADAT makes perfect sense. I feel so stupid 
now. Thanks guys.

> I have a HDSP Digiface with 3 Behringer ADA8000 working here flawlessly
> under ardour/alsa. This setup has 24 Analog inputs. I have not tried
> syncing it up with another HDSP because the 24 inputs suffice for me.
> Christian
>IMO RME is definately the way to go.  I have an HDSP9652 and some outboard DA/AD convertors.  I couldn't be happier.
>James Rich

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