[ardour-dev] Sound card options

SAKURA sakura at s88003245.onlinehome.us
Tue Aug 15 03:52:09 PDT 2006

This may be the wrong place to ask, but I cant think of another place 
that will yield useful information. Everyone here is so knowledgable :)

The Delta 44 is my current card, and while it does a great job, it lacks 
inputs. From my research, you cannot use multiple 44s in a box because 
they will not sync. I would like to know what solutions you guys have 
come up with to get around the lack of inputs problem. Someone is going 
to say get some 1010s, so I figured I will bring it up ahead of time. I 
know that is an obvious solution, but I would like to hear other ways of 
solving this problem. I would like to go RME, but it seems like they 
have a limit on analog inputs themselves. I dont have any equipment that 
transmits a digital signal, so I would have a lot of digital recording 
ability but few analog with the Hammerfall.
At the very least, 20 analog inputs are required for my recording needs. 
More would be great, but I can live with 20. Would my needs be served by 
purchasing a digital mixer and a HDSP? I have just about grown out of my 
Delta 44, and its time to move on to bigger things. By the way, I am 
looking for information pertaining to ALSA and Ardour, if it wasnt 
obvious by me mailing this list :)


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