[ardour-dev] New stable release - Ardour-0.99.3

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu Apr 27 06:36:38 PDT 2006

Continuing in the tradition of releasing stability fixes for the
gtk1-based Ardour, here is 0.99.3.


This version includes:

 * Now provide Universal Mac OS X binary release

 *Playlist copies and now retain crossfades and layering
 *Splitting regions retain crossfades and fades and resulting regions
will stay on the original layer
 * Fixed various splitting issues involving both layering and crossfades
 * Correct gain in tracks with no panners (or panner disable)
 * Fixed possible non-RT behavior when stopping record
 * Compile fixes for MacIntel
 * Various marker undo fixes
 * Fixes to region normalize on Mac platform
 * Small fix to how sound files are repaired after a crash while recording
 * Fixed silence issue with inserts
 * New templates will be visible in the new session dialog (without
restarting ardour)

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