[ardour-dev] Freeze function

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Apr 6 15:22:32 PDT 2006

"Stephen West" <stephenwest1 at lineone.net>:

> If you create a session and add this wav file to the
> beginning:
> www.aalighting.co.uk/dinner_gong.wav
> Now apply the effect 'Higher Quality Pitch Scaler' to the
> track, which I think is a default plug-in, and enable it
> (for some reason it doesn't happen with GVerb this time).
> If you play without its being frozen it is undistorted, but
> freeze it and you can see clipping has occurred in the
> track,

Did just that. Doesn't happen here with ardour 0.99 (built 
using 1.0.0 with libardour 0.901.2 and GCC version 3.3.1 
(SuSE Linux)) and pitch_scale_1194.so from swh-plugins-0.4.13. 
No clipping.

> and you can hear clipping in the playback. At least it does
> for me in the cvs from a few days ago in Ardour and
> Ardour2.
> Thanks,
> Stephen


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