[ardour-dev] i18n: new spanish translation

Jorge Sandín spesgmd at telefonica.net
Sun Oct 9 11:23:31 PDT 2005

Hi, here is a new spanish translation:


*libs-ardour-po-es_ES.po     [NEW]   (libs/ardour/po/es_ES.po) 
*libs-gtkmmext-po-es_ES.po           (libs/gtkmmext/po/es_ES.po)
*gtk-ardour-po-es_ES.po                (gtk/ardour/po/es_ES.po)

* Fixed codification bug, now in UTF-8, it can display spanish special 
characters correctly (ñ, á, é, í, ó, ú...).
* Lots of new entries translated.
* Revised translations of some words.
* Updated most of fuzzy entries.

It should be an almost complete spanish translation, very usable. anyway, I'll 
be testing and improving it untill v2.0 is released...

If anyone find some error, improvement, a better translation for some term, 
etc, please contact me, on #ardour at Freenode (I'm SpeS), or by email :)

Enjoy :)
"Free as in Freedom" SpeS G.M.D.

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