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Mike Taht mike.taht at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 10:35:37 PST 2005

> So there's nothing that stops you from writing you own (smaller) GUI to
> Linuxsampler. But why should it be part of Ardour ? What's wrong with a
> (small) separate window ?

Look and Feel: The ardour widgets look great and are very functional. There
is nothing stopping me from generating a separate app that reuses those
widgets (which is probably the correct first path anyway)

but even then perhaps gtkplug support would be nice

I do like the vertical orientation of the ardour mixer window far more than
the horizontal orientation of the qsampler window (an artifact of my screen
size, see below)

Memory: adding this functionality would add, oh, a couple of megabytes to
the ardour instance

Available screen area: Never enough!

Admittedly in my case I'm running hard up against a hardware problem. My
x86_64 laptop has a 1280x800 screen (supports a second screen as well) and
1GB of memory. Ardour+linuxsampler+qsampler+rosegarden basically runs me out
of ram. Also gnome has a lot of annoying overhead. To deal with gnome I've
gone to the evilwm window manager, which does a wonderful job, but works
best in full screen windows.

So I end up with one full screen dedicated to the ardour instance and
another full screen dedicated to rosegarden's sheet music window. The latter
screen is in front of the piano, the other at the mixing desk. When I'm
alone in the studio I'm not very capable of hitting the keyboard so I mouse
a lot. (I note that I just ordered one of those wireless remote DAW boxes
that were mentioned on the list a bit back. When that works a large crick in
my neck will go away)

Rosegarden is the biggest memory offender by far, actually. I forgive it for
its excesses on displaying sheet music but have no clue why it's sequencer
component is so large. Not a problem for this list, I know...

Depending on what you do with Linuxsampler, you don't need a GUI at all.

I've got four ardour projects going, each with a slightly different
linuxsampler configuration. It's not so much the gui, or lack thereof, but
the saving and matching of the individual state for each linux sampler
instance and ardour instance and rosegarden instance that would be nice to
automate, or tie together somehow.

And to be able to tweak a few settings with mouse clicks...

I use it like this:
> linuxsampler &
> netcat localhost 8888 < malmsjo.lscp
> where the file malmsjo.lscp contains:
> LOAD ENGINE GigEngine 0
> LOAD INSTRUMENT NON_MODAL '/data2/gigwav/Malmsjo.gig' 0 0
> It's a great app, BTW. After some years without instrument, being able to
> play the piano at any hour in the night (with headphones) is just heaven.

Same here (although I've been able to play on headphones for years now, I've
never had a piano sound I liked enough to listen to for hours on end - the
bosendorfer piano library and linuxsampler have given me hours of enjoyment)

I threw windows out of my studio entirely about 3 months ago. There's still
plenty of bugs in the linux system that drive me bats, but on the whole the
system has been more stable where it counts than my last xp box... I'm
missing some things (like a decent interface to my S6000) but on the whole
the future looks bright.

> FA

Mike Taht
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