[ardour-dev] ardour2: build it

Karsten Wiese annabellesgarden at yahoo.de
Fri Nov 11 03:16:47 PST 2005

Am Donnerstag, 10. November 2005 13:08 schrieb Paul Davis:
> because we are using a C++ canvas object now, there is no need for any
> canvas event handlers that are directly connected to the C-level
> signals, and then proxy to the "real" ones: Gnome::Canvas and the
> compiler will take care of those for us.

You want to convert the canvas event handlers to virtual functions?
for example:
replace this construct in CrossfadeView::CrossfadeView ():
	gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT(group), "event",
			    (GtkSignalFunc) PublicEditor::canvas_crossfade_view_event,
	with group being a GnomeCanvasItem* in class TimeAxisViewItem

with some derived
	class  CrossfadeViewGroup: public Gnome::Canvas::Group {
	  virtual bool on_event(GdkEvent* p1);
so that CrossfadeViewGroup::on_event() does,
what PublicEditor::canvas_crossfade_view_event did?

And how about attached patch then?
Would it fit?
If so, is anybody already working on it?


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