[ardour-dev] MTC is unusable - no it works, but...

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Thu May 19 14:16:53 PDT 2005


I've spent the whole afternoon trying to sync ardour beta29 with two
Tascam DA78HR, using MTC through the midi ports of a delta 1010,
and I finally succeeded, although there are some problems.

I actually wanted to let ardour record 16 tracks from the two
synchronized DATs. But since I only have 8 tracks on the delta1010, I
had first to record tracks 1 to 8 at once, then tracks 9 to 16 as a
second pass.
So I must be sure ardour and the DAT are synchronized, so that the
tracks 1 to 8 are aligned with tracks 9 to 17.

Now the problems :

When i press Play on the DAT, ardour sometimes starts, and sometimes
don't. I have to start and stop the DAT a few times for ardour to really

When I set ardour in REC mode, and if I start the DAT, it behaves the
same way : sometimes ardour starts recording, sometimes not.
But the bad thing with this setup is that the recording is NOT SYNCED.
There is always about half a second between the DAT's timecode and Ardour's.
So the only way to have a sync recording is the following :
  1-  DON'T set Ardour in REC mode, and start the DAT, (and stop and
start several times until ardour really starts)
  2-  when ardour is in play mode like the DAT, just press the REC
button to record in ardour. This way, I got the sync.

I have not yet tried the latest CVS, but could you tell me if something
has been changed in the MTC code since beta29 ?
Is it worth testing current cvs ?


Paul Davis a écrit :
>>Is there anything that you or Paul could do to analyze
>>the Ardour MTC Input trace? Maybe a patch that
>>timestamps the traced input. Then I can send you the
> i'd like to see the trace as-is for a start.
> --p
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