[ardour-dev] MTC is unusable

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 10:26:39 PDT 2005

Hi Per,

> > I've tested MTC with both the AW4416 and the DM-24
> as
> > Master and neither is usable. Both appear to
> behave
> > identically. Ardour reponds to incoming Time Code
> but
> > the playhead comes to a complete stop every few
> > seconds. Upon stopping record disables. The
> stuttering
> > behaviour occurs whether Playing or Play+Rec.
> Ardour slave will behave like this if incoming MTC
> messages are missing for 1/4
> second, or if there are too many quarter frame
> dropouts (missing MTC messages)
> for ardour to determine the time (the time is
> composed by 8 consequtive MTC
> messages).

Is there anything that you or Paul could do to analyze
the Ardour MTC Input trace? Maybe a patch that
timestamps the traced input. Then I can send you the
report. I'd like to confirm that the problem is what
you suggest and that it is localized to my hardware or

My MIDI patchbay is the Midiman USB MIDISPORT 8x8. Is
it possible that the messages aren't getting delivered
in a timely manner because of USB?

Do you suspect the untimely delivery of packets to be
my hardware, alsa, USB, or something kernel related? 

After several years of dealing with unusable MTC I
really wish I could just forget it but that isn't an

Anyway, I appreciate your timely response. I hope my
frustration isn't leaking out to much.


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