[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Chris Ross chris at tebibyte.org
Tue May 10 01:22:24 PDT 2005

Paul Davis escreveu:
> The following changes really require a CVS version of JACK to work

I'm having trouble getting doing a CVS update but I'm probably doing it 
wrong, not having done so for ages. The only time I ever update jack is 
when Ardour requires it.

chris at sneezy 08:59:30 jack $ cvs update -dPAR
cvs [update aborted]: connect to 
cvs.jackit.sourceforge.net( failed: Connection timed out

Has it moved to Savannah or something? Or should I just try again later 
as this seems to be right from what I read on the Jack website.

> properly, but even without that, they result in notable improvements
> in the way Ardour aligns newly recorded material.

That explains a lot of things! Thanks for fixing that, I'm looking 
forward to trying it out tomorrow (i.e. after the nightly tarball).

Chris R.

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