[ardour-dev] speaking of ardour themes

Ryan Gallagher ruinaudio at comcast.net
Sun May 8 09:45:24 PDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 11:50 -0400, Kevin Ernste wrote:
> Hi Ryan -
> I really like your work and use your glassy theme here.

Thanks!  I didn't realize anyone was actually using glassy, cool.

>   I also like
> this one of yours:
> http://ruinaudio.com/files/edit.ardour.theme.png
> ...as a "softer-looking" alternative.  I see that you have not posted
> it's .rc (perhaps this was just a prototype along the way to
> "glassy").

Yes, this was one step along the path.  There's no rc or pixmap set
around that I can remember anyway :(

> I'm also in the apparently small minority who liked the new dark theme
> (minus a few contrast issues) if only because it's promising from a
> users point of view to know that careful attention is being given to
> Ardour's look.

Yeah, Paul and most of the other devs are very open to ui issues and
have been extremely thoughtful about ardour's "face" and also helpful to
"themers".  One of ardour's selling points is it's "theme-ability" and
afaict Paul et. al. have not lost sight of that.

I'm psyched to get back to themeing post gtk2 ardour as I've found gtk1
to be (ehem) not the *best* toolkit to theme.  :)


Ryan Gallagher <ruinaudio at comcast.net>

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