[ardour-dev] export problems - testers requested

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sun May 1 17:34:13 PDT 2005

i'm using:

Ardour/GTK 0.9beta29
   (built using 0.592.0 with libardour 0.888.2)

jack 0.99.36-0.3.cvs.rhfc3.ccrma
alsa 1.09rc2

loading up a 5 1/2 minute song (longest i've got), i don't have any
trouble exporting in realtime at 1024 frames and downsampling from 48000
to 44100 ... i'd never tried 1024 before when exporting, so this was
good to find out, because

at 512 frames, realtime, downsampling, ardour segfaults about halfway
through, but jack keeps running normally.

at 256 frames, realtime, downsampling, ardour segfaults, jack crashes,
and i am logged out of the xserver and taken back to the login screen.

i tried with no realtime at 512 frames, and apart from an avalanche of
xruns, ardour seemed to get most of the way through before crashing,
leaving an empty wav file.

i didn't bother testing non-realtime at 1024 frames, cos it works at
that rate in realtime no worries at all.

if you need me to test this with a debugging-enable ardour, just let me


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