[ardour-dev] latency adjustments for external devices

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 17:27:15 PST 2005

   I think this came up the other day. Sorry for covering duplicated
ground. I remember someone asking about plugin latency but I'm more
concerned with external hardware delays.

   If I know the latency going out through a hardware interface,
through a software reverb  in another PC and then back in through a
hardware interface is there any way for me to specify that known delay
to Ardour?

   If not then I have to run with low enough Jack latencies to get
reasonable sound when mixing, but in the end I'll have to record the
reverb track and still have to nudge it to get the timing right.

   If some method exists for specifying this latency then I get
everything right when I'm listening and actually don't have to record
the reverb.

   Obviously this wouldn't work when recording but would be nice when mixing.

Thanks in advance,

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