[ardour-dev] Re: Beta 28 from CVS mtc??

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 29 11:41:12 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 03:01, Geoff Beasley wrote:
> Per Sigmond wrote:
> >Just wandering: What latency are you using (jack)?
> >
> I've got 3 machines in the studio. Two are involved in chase-locking 
> ...master > slave. I have click set "on" on  both and listened to the 
> result. Under Audioslack/Slackware 10 (2.4.29ll) Ardour beta 28 with 
> your MTC patch installed Per I got fantastic chaselock...much better 
> than Windows gives on the same hardware.
> But, Audioslack was falling a bit  behind with developments so I tried 
> CCRMA/FC3. With 2.6.ll edge kernel I've got the lowest latency I have 
> EVER seen. I was recording 14 tracks in Ardour at 16 (read it again) 
> frame buffers and was getting only occasional x-runs....thats .7 ms on 
> my ice1712 card -C-Port!!!!!
> I can record this many tracks on 32 frame buffers with no x-runs at all. 
> Amazing. Now, I don't want to change anything as you can 
> understand.....but I do want to get MTC working as well under 2.6 kernel 
> as I can under 2.4. Makes me think, is there any chance of making a 2.4 
> kernel available for FC3 Nando? Could you use the FC1 2.4 under FC3 ?  
> See, I'm not too clued up when it comes to technical matters am I ?? 

I have not tried booting into 2.4.x on FC3 at all. My early tests in FC2
(also 2.6.x based) when 2.6 was in no position to be used for audio were
not very successfull, there were too many (small) incompatibilities that
lead me to rule that out as an alternative early on in testing. 

Glad you are getting good results with the latest kernels! ... but see
other posts for other users that are not that happy :-(
-- Fernando

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