[ardour-dev] scons build available for testing

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Mar 21 05:39:00 PST 2005

>To clean, run "scons -c".  "scons -c install" will uninstall.
>There is a DESTDIR option, which is what you're looking for, in addition to the
> PREFIX option.  scons -h for more info on the available settings.

see also http://ardour.org/building.php for more information.

note that DESTDIR is semantically a little different from automake's
"make install --prefix=...". but that's primarily because ardour
cannot be run after such an "alternate" installation - it needs to
know where various configuration and data files have been
installed. This is discussed in the info doc for automake, and
acknowledged as something that will not work for certain programs.

jack probably remembers the days when every unix program install was
accompanied by instructions to set a couple of environment variables
specific to the program (which helped it find those files). i don't
know if that was a better solution or not, but it seems unusual to see
programs requiring that these days.

DESTDIR is primarily for packagers who need to build a "subtree"
containing just the files that ardour installs. that subtree will
ultimately be installed in the "normal" place on a user's machine.


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