[ardour-dev] Send Delay

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Mar 20 10:26:05 PST 2005

>   If Ardour does adjust for plugin latency, and I'm not at all sure

it does, but only for plugins that declare latency. for LADSPA, that
means they use an ad-hoc convention that myself and swh dreamt up, but
i think tom szilyagi follows as well, of providing a control output
port called "latency" that provides the current value. for VST
plugins, ardour uses the value returned by getInitialDelay().

>it does, it certainly doesn't adjust for external apps or external
>physical reverbs, compressors, etc.

ardour will attempt to compensate for the latency inherent in the
signal routing, but it cannot compensate for latency hidden by the
destination (in this case, within Jamin)


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