[ardour-dev] Re: Digital Mixers

SAKURA sakura at s88003245.onlinehome.us
Thu Mar 17 14:13:49 PST 2005

> I use a yamaha 01v with ADAT card, it works very well if you do the
> autoation via. CC's, I've not tried the sysex automation.
> - Steve

Thanks for the recommendation. I guess just about any digital mixer would
work with ardour..?
Anyway, is it possible to use glyph external scsi/firewire drives with
ardour/linux? I am mostly a freebsd user and
have very limited experience with linux and all the devices it can support.
If glyph drives dont work, what will?
On the protools system I use at school, the professor insists that you never
record sessions to internal disk EVER.
Its either record to the glyph drives or dont record at all. At home, I keep
samples and akai discs on a second drive, and
record to a third. I was just wondering how everyone else does it with
ardour. Sorry for all the noob questions.


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