[ardour-dev] new scons tarball for testing

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Mar 17 05:32:56 PST 2005

>* it builds fine with VST=1 KSI=0
>* scons install works fine


>* ksi fails to build when vst support is enabled.

known issue. we use kernel headers, tsk tsk. only affects 2.6 systems.

>* When building with NLS=0, locale files are installed anyway.

fixed locally. nice catch.

>* I was not able to install it with checkinstall. I don't know if it is
>compatible with scons... this is something i could regret; it was so easy to
>build an rpm by typing checkinstall instead of makeinstall!

not compatible. i am working on "scons checksourcetar" or something similar.

>* Is there a sort of "scons uninstall" command?

i am working on that too.

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