[ardour-dev] new scons tarball for testing

Mark Vitek mvitek at thetekster.com
Thu Mar 17 02:03:32 PST 2005

Compilation works without incident, using the following:

      mkdir -p 
      scons -j2 PREFIX=/root/local/ardour-scons-0.9beta28

Is the scons stuff still "non-installable" (w/o manual copying)?

Paul Davis wrote:

>There is a new tarball built by scons available for testing:
>      http://ardour.org/releases/ardour-scons-0.9beta28.tar.bz2
>This has been extensively modified and revised since the last one,
>with some critical feedback from several Ardour beta testers.
>I would appreciate it if people could test it out:
>  unpack tarball
>  cd ardour-0.9beta28
>  scons -j2
>Note that this tarball unpacks into a proper top-level directory
>(ardour-0.9beta28), unless the old one. It will also build VST support
>properly, works on OS X, and has correct support for parallel builds.
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