[ardour-dev] plugin presets

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Jun 5 14:49:04 PDT 2005

>- When you add outputs to the 'auditioner' strip, these are
>  not saved in the session.

which version?

>Maybe it doesn't make sense at all to do this. How is the
>routing/panning from tracks to auditioner outputs done ?
>It looks simple when you use only mono and stereo. For formats

yes, the auditioner is really intended to model only a simple
mono/stereo listening channel. maybe one day it could morph into
something more complex. the tab for the auditioner in the options
editor does (or can) contain a full mixer strip for it. 

>like Ambisonics, it gets more complicated. How to route a B-format
>track to a stereo monitor ? Or how a stereo track to a six-speaker

you don't route a track. only a region or a playlist. so that
particular problem doesn't exist.

>monitoring system ? Normally this is taken care of by the routing
>and panning in the mixer strips, but the whole point about the
>auditioner is that these ar bypassed.

correct. they are they to check out regions/files etc. nothing more.

>There are some other things that get lost when a session is 
>- The option 'auto connect new tracks' (always on)
>- The option 'use plugins while recording' (always off)
>Concerning the latter, why should this ever be 'off' ?
>The plugins are never in the recording path of a track,
>unless you mix some tracks to a new one, and then you
>probably want them there.

if you use software monitoring, then you will hear them in the
monitoring stream. if they use too much CPU or you don't want to hear
them or whatever, this will turn them off while recording. they do not
ever affect the data written to disk, correct.

thanks for the other bug comments.


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