[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jan 31 17:13:38 PST 2005

I'd really appreciate it if some of you (you know who are) that have
done heavy testing of the xfades/layering stuff could push on this
hard in the near future. I'd like to a beta25 release, and then push 
on to 0.99. The diskstream/ringbuffer stuff also needs a heavy beating
- I've tested it on big and small sessions here with no apparent

   * crossfades	    
        - complete reworking of backend crossfade code (again)
        - yellow rect now shows extent of overlap, *not* xfade itself
	- options editor permits defining the short overlap length
	- track context menu shows all xfades under mouse pointer
	- context menu includes "convert to {short|full}" item,
	     which toggles an xfade between its short length
	     and the full extent of the overlap
	- TODO: put xfade views back on top after region drags

   * region gain mode no longer allows adding points in the name
         bar, and the region gain line is drawn entirely in
	 the waveform area.

   * region gain line is now on top of fade in/fade out, allowing
         editing when appropriate

   * fix for crashing bug during automation playback (and region
        gain playback)

   * diskstream ringbuffers are now no longer required to be 
        a power-of-two size (new ringbufferNPT class added)

   * MMC RecordPause handling patch from Rui (thanks!)

   * libardour:  0.863.0
     ardour/gtk: 0.567.0


       - display "release version" in startup info
       - move template selector into front tab of new session dialog
       - use text entry in sfdb file info display
       - fix race condition that can allow state saves during
       - fix peak file read errors

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