[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jan 10 19:31:21 PST 2005

   * add "-C filename" option to permit testing of spline generating code

   * reduce height of xfade rects so they don't cover the colored name
       highlight of a regionview

   * context click in colored name highlight is the same as in the
       waveform  area. allows context menu access to a region even
       when its in an xfade (well, for the top region, anyway)

   * reset various editor state when a session is closed, avoiding
       future segfaults caused by lingering pointers

   * if there are no tracks selected, range selections appear in all

   * keyboard range selection now has a "shift" variant that adds a
       new range rather than replacing the existing one (bindings
       are arrow-down to start a range selection, arrow-up to set,
       shift-arrow-up to add)

   * region splitting via "s" now obeys snap

   * Control_R does all the same stuff as Control_L

   * when cutting/copying using ranges, reset fades of created
        regions so they do not overlap the region boundaries.

   * ardour/gtk: 0.555.0
     libardour:  0.855.2


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