[ardour-dev] the development process

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Jan 7 06:21:51 PST 2005

OK, so I lied:

>> volunteer to get a single source file working (as in "compiles"). The
>> only really hard parts are getting our custom C-level widgets to work,
>> and using C++ for the canvas, and i will be starting with those

switching all uses of CList and CTree to use the new TreeView widget
is also a very significant task. there are about 17 such instances in
gtk_ardour right now. I predict that the first one of these will take
at least a day to get right, and then it will speed up to maybe 3 per

most other GTK1->GTK2 issues are almost 90% automatable, followed by a
functionality test phase and tweaking things to work with the minor
changes that GTK2 brings to various semantics.


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