[ardour-dev] problem installing CVS version (mostly solved)

Uwe Koloska lad at koloro.de
Fri Feb 25 15:55:06 PST 2005


I'm back to the bleeding edge!

I was unable to install the current CVS snapshot, cause the install stops in 
every po-directory.

The path for 'mkinstalldirs' is set to an incorrect target in there.  I can't 
find out, what the real reason is, but a workaround is to set this variable 
directly after the call to configure.  It is in the dirs
and the "mkinstalldirs = ..." must be substituted by
   mkinstalldirs = ../mkinstalldirs

if not, mkinstalldirs is set to $(top_builddir)/$(MKINSTALLDIRS) and in the 
former line MKINSTALLDIRS was set to $(top_builddir)/./mkinstalldirs 
resulting in "mkinstalldirs = ../.././mkinstalldirs".

There are many more Makefiles where this two lines don't cause trouble ...
I think it has to do with the Makefiles in the po-dirs, that are not created 
from Makefile.am files in the same dir -- all other Makefiles (that use these 
two lines) are.

Hope this helps

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