[ardour-dev] Re: BUILD jackd version

Chris Ross chris at tebibyte.org
Fri Feb 25 11:28:26 PST 2005

Samuel S Chessman escreveu:
> I don't know that 0.99.50 is required, just that 0.99.0 doesn't work.
> 0.99.50 is current, that's why I used it as an example, and suggested the
> patch.  It's not documented what version of jack is needed for Ardour CVS.

Are you sure? I have jackd version 0.98.1 which seems to work. Indeed, 
in response to your message I checked out the latest jack but it won't 
build here as configure fails with

checking for alsa >= 1.0.0... Requested 'alsa >= 1.0.0' but version of 
alsa is 0.9.6

I'll try to find for updated ALSA packages for SuSE 9.0 but it's 
probably easier just to stick with what works.

Chris R.

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